Thursday, May 26, 2016

#DORK Recommendations

Read: DC Rebirth #1

Play: Overwatch (PS4, XBox One, PC)

Watch: Preacher (AMC)

All-NBA Teams

F | LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers)
F | Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs)
C | DeAndre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers)
G | Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors)
G | Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder)

F | Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder)
F | Draymond Green (Golden State Warriors)
C | DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings)
G | Chris Paul (Los Angeles Clippers)
G | Damian Lillard (Portland Trail Blazers)

F | Paul George (Indiana Pacers)
F | LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs)
C | Andre Drummond (Detroit Pistons)
G | Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors)
G | Kyle Lowry (Toronto Raptors)

Western Conference: 11
Eastern Conference: 4

Warriors: 3
Thunder: 2
Spurs: 2
Clippers: 2
Cavs: 1
Kings: 1
Trail Blazers: 1
Pacers: 1
Pistons: 1
Raptors: 1

Isaiah Thomas finished behind both James Harden and DeMar DeRozan in the "also receiving votes" department, which would have placed him on the "5th Team."

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Keefer Madness: Iguana in the Toilet

NBA All-Defensive Teams

Player (Team), 1st Team Votes, 2nd Team Votes, Total 
  • Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio), 130, --, 260 
  • Draymond Green (Golden State), 123, 5, 251 
  • DeAndre Jordan (L.A. Clippers), 47, 43, 137 
  • Avery Bradley (Boston), 62, 25, 149 
  • Chris Paul (L.A. Clippers), 59, 30, 148
  • Paul Millsap (Atlanta), 11, 75, 97 
  • Paul George (Indiana), 5 , 38, 48 
  • Hassan Whiteside (Miami), 44, 38, 126 
  • Tony Allen (Memphis), 44, 33, 121 
  • Jimmy Butler (Chicago), 18, 26 , 62

Big News: WWE Announces Brand Split

This morning, WWE announced that on July 19th Smackdown will make the transition into being a live broadcast on USA. On top of that, this move would cause a brand split between the two weekly programs starting with a superstar draft to divide the roster and create two unique shows with their own rosters and rivalries.
On the business side of things, this will easily garner more interest in Smackdown -- which has often been viewed as the "B Show" -- and will boost ratings (which have been struggling) for both programs.
Nothing has been said in regards to the title situation. Remember that back during the old brand split there were 2 Main Titles (WWE and World Heavyweight), 2 Tag Team Titles, and the Intercontinental and US Championship were on separate shows.
There is still plenty of time between now and the brand split so I'm sure things will be made completely clear by then, but there are a million different directions that this could be headed in which makes for some interesting TV. They currently have one of the biggest rosters to date with a plethora of new talent currently on the main roster as well as some big names waiting in the wings on NXT, so putting out an entertaining product with this concept shouldn't be an issue (fingers crossed).
Until then, I'll be working on a Big Board and a Mock Draft for the draft and maybe we can get a little Sports Brief Fantasy Draft going too.
But for now, we're on to Money in the Bank.

Little Besse